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10 Ways to Engage Your Dog Indoors

Are you concerned that your pet may be growing bored and lazy? No more worries! Although it could be challenging to involve your dog indoors, several simple strategies exist to change this. Engaging your dog is very advantageous since it helps prevent dog obesity.

53% of adult dogs and 55% of adult cats in the US are overweight or obese, according to the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention. Compared to their counterparts, obese pets are more vulnerable to illness. Additionally, engaging your dog indoors is advantageous to both you and the dog.

The Best Ways to Engage Your Dog Indoors

1. Tug of War:

Do you know what a tug of war is? Two teams compete in a tug-of-war by pulling the rope’s end in opposing directions. During the quarantine, it is one of the more enjoyable activities to do at home with your dog. If you have two or more dogs of the same breed, the pastime is considerably more enjoyable. If you only have one dog, though, there won’t be any issues because you may serve as its adversary.

Given that it takes up little room, tug of war is the perfect indoor pastime for dogs. Before you ask, tug-of-war won’t make your dog violent. It will foster the relationship between the dog and owner and increase obedience. But you need to set up a few fundamental things.

2. Obstacles Course:

The obstacle course is undoubtedly the ideal dog indoors activity if your space is a little ample. However, there are several barriers you’ll need for this game; don’t worry, you can get them locally. The breed of the dog will determine the kind and size of the obstacles. For instance, you can use the typical items if your dog is a Great Dane/Chihuahua mix. The situation would be different for a Bernese mountain dog.

You can use items like chairs, tables, and dog tunnels as common obstacles in this game. Observing your dog jump over and through, go under, and a circle is entertaining during this dog indoors play. Celebrate each accomplishment made by the animal.


3. Hide and Seek:

One of the most well-liked games among kids is hiding and seek. Most people have played it, including perhaps you. Interestingly, dogs may also participate in hiding and seek. The owner conceals, and the dog seeks is played according to the simple rules.

The game may enhance your dog’s sense of smell and strengthen your bond. Make sure the dog has a difficult time locating you. Every time it locates you, compliment it to keep it motivated and make the game fun.

4. Hidden treats:

Similar to hide and seek, hidden snacks are a game. But you store food in the secret goodies. In addition to being entertaining, the game helps the dog hone its pooching abilities. Furthermore, hidden snacks increase its olfactory sensitivity. The obvious treats can be hidden, but make sure it’s something worthwhile. Both the game and your dog are kept entertained.

Make sure you store a variety of goodies to give the smell a little variety. Change the hiding spots to make it challenging to find the treat.

5. Workout Stairs:

Are you interested in dog indoors play ideas without toys? If so, it would be ideal if you run your dog up and down the stairs. However, owners with a flight of steps are the only ones for whom this game is ideal. Both the dog and the owners benefit from the workout.

However, you should first speak with your veterinarian if your dog has joint-related health issues. Overly strenuous exercise can also tax older and pregnant dogs. The game is also enjoyable, especially if you take breaks frequently.


6. Practice Obedience Skills:

Are you looking for a game to play with your dog while training? Why not put the fundamentals of obedience to use? Obedience training is one indoor dog exercise that doesn’t require any special equipment. Although it takes time, it makes it easier for you to interact with your dog. Additionally, you may assess how easily various breeds can learn.

Basic instructions like sit, stay, wait, high-five, and others can be used to train the dog. However, you might ask how to keep my dog indoors entertained for hours with simple commands. You could choose to reward the dog for each correct performance. Practising obedience techniques is the best course of action for pet owners living in small apartments.

7. Fetching:

Playing the fetch game outside with your dog indoors at home is one of the best activities. The game, however, also makes a beautiful indoor dog pastime. Just keep your ball throws within a certain radius. Since dogs adore this game, you may be sure you will too. Only a tiny area and a ball made of plastic or rubber are required. So that you don’t suffer losses from broken things, keep the space accessible.

8. Shell Game:

The majority of canine activities require space, which is undoubtedly unavailable inside. Playing the shell game with your dog at home during quarantine is one of the more entertaining activities you can do. The shell game is a mental exercise that concentrates on getting your dog to pay attention and handle problems.

You place a treat under one of the cups after taking several, usually two or three. Make sure the dog is keeping an eye on everything. Next, progressively rearrange the cups to confuse the dog. Let the dog explore the cup until it finds the reward, then. Reward your dog for each accurate estimate that it makes.


9. Food Toying:

For various reasons, including jobs, people adore keeping their pets entertained. Are you now thinking about how to occupy a dog at work? Play with toys that dispense food. While you work, these toys can keep your dog engaged, entertained, and stimulated. Simply shove some goodies into the toy that releases food, and let the dog take care of the rest. Depending on the model, some dispensers call for the dog to push or pull. A food dispenser is simple to buy online.

10. Use of Pet Training Equipment:

Like people, pets have their training tools. Depending on their preferences, owners can decide whether to own one. Treadmills and agility tunnels are two of the most famous pieces of pet training equipment. Your dog could initially feel uneasy, but eventually, they’ll enjoy the excitement. Purchasing equipment might not be the best indoor dog exercise because it can be pricey and take up a lot of room.

Conclusion for 10 Ways to Engage Your Dog Indoors:

It is undoubtedly dull to stay inside, but it doesn’t have to be. You can play many games with your dog to keep everyone entertained and involved. The indoor dog activities don’t have to be expensive but require dedication and enthusiasm.


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