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This post is for you if you’re looking for the top Bernedoodle breeders Florida. Here is a list of some top locations where you can adopt your lifelong best friend.

A cross between the Bernese Mountain Dog and the Standard Poodle is known as a Bernedoodle. As a result, you may anticipate minimal to no shedding from these canines. Additionally, this mix makes them hypoallergenic, so if you have pet allergies, a Bernedoodle may be the ideal choice for you to get a pet finally.

Finding the greatest bernedoodle breeders florida can be a little challenging, especially because we all want to stay away from puppy mills. However, we have developed a list of Florida-based ethical breeders. One of these households may contain your new pet!

Highfalutin Furry Babies

The headquarters of Highfalutin Furry Babies are in Eustis, Florida. When reserving your puppy, this breeder provides a regular and premium approach. Costs for both procedures are $515 and $1,030, respectively. Using the premium method, you can choose the puppy you want from the litter and make reservations about any dog feature.

Gender, colour, generation, and other characteristics affect the price of Bernedoodles, which starts at $3,975 for standard models. For further details about this matter, you can contact the breeder.

These Bernedoodles come from this breeder in miniature, medium, and normal sizes. Both F1 and F1b puppies are available, while F1b puppies are preferable for those who have pet allergies.

It’s important to note that babies from the Highfalutin Furry breed are included in the United Bernedoodle Registry. There’s a reason it’s first on this list!

For the reasons mentioned above and personally delivering the puppies wherever you are, this is among the best Bernedoodle breeders in Florida. Their top-notch dogs have made them well-known throughout the world. Puppy deliveries are made by Highfalutin Furry Babies anywhere in the world (except Australia).

Juniper Crossing Farms

In 2014, Juniper Crossing Farms first welcomed visitors. They raise small animals in addition to Bernedoodle puppies. Each dog thus has enough room to run around freely and interacts daily with various humans and animals.

Their website details their family, the dog-breeding process, and other animals they sell. Due to the superiority of their pups, Juniper Crossing Farms, like the previous breeder, is registered with the United bernedoodle breeders florida group.

All parents have undergone full examinations by a licenced veterinarian. You can view the adult dogs currently in their care on their website. A two-year health guarantee against hereditary conditions like hip dysplasia or retinal eye disease is also included with each puppy.

When your puppy is prepared to go home, you can be confident that it will be in the most excellent condition possible. A $250 down payment is required to secure the adoption of your puppy.

They also breed Aussiedoodles if Bernedoodles are not readily available.

Clovie’s Creation

Jacksonville, Florida, is home to Clovie’s Creation. Clovie, the breeder’s initial Goldendoodle, inspired the name. She is older than 15 and has never given birth, despite being the brand’s face. The family’s decision to start the breeding programme was motivated by this fact.

This breeding programme is modest in scale. As a result, the family home is where all adult dogs and puppies are reared and cared for. The puppies will be prepared to enter their forever homes at eight weeks.

The social media activity of Clove’s Creation allows you to clearly understand its procedures. The family’s children are also heavily involved in the process.

These days, this breeder is selling standard and miniature Bernedoodles. The colour affects the pricing. Minis typically cost more; their starting prices range from $3,300 to $4,300. Prices for standard-sized Bernedoodles range from $2,800 to $3,800. To finalise the adoption of your puppy, a $300 upfront deposit must be made.


Tampa and Orlando are nearby where Colorful-is K9s are situated in Land O’ Lakes, Florida. This breeder possesses more than 40 years of breeding experience.

Most of the puppies from this breeder are now therapy dogs that, to name a few uses, help individuals with PTSD and diabetes detection. Some of them are currently found in nursing homes or hospitals. They are frequently referred to as bernedoodle breeders florida of Bernedoodles.

You can find what you’re looking for in our extensive breeding programme. F1, F1b, F1bb/F2b, and Multigen Bernedoodles are available. Anything you can think of, Colorful-K9s undoubtedly has it in stock.

Every dog is treated as a member of the family. Their costs range from $2,500 to $3,500. Puppies are currently available there. To finalise the adoption of your puppy, a $500 down payment is required.

Bailey’s Bernedoodles

This breeder is situated in Florida’s Verda Beach. Like Clovie’s Creation, the brand’s moniker is derived from Bailey, the family’s Bernese Mountain Dog and the mother of all the available pups. Bailey is registered with the AKC and CKC at this tiny breeder.

Mini and regular-sized Bernedoodles are available at Bailey’s Bernedoodles.

Although this breeder has just recently come into existence, their first litter garnered rave reviews. Although their website might use some improvement, they are unquestionably excellent bernedoodle breeders florida. When they have more puppies available is presently unknown.

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