Best Cavapoo Breeders in Florida! (2022)

The Best Cavapoo Breeders in Florida! (2022) September 22, 2020, by Garrett Yamasaki  Cavapoo breeders in Florida Cavapoos are fun and trendy little dogs that can make even the most unhappy person at least crack a smile. 

These fluffy and silly small dogs make great family pets due to their non-aggressive personality and easygoing nature. Cavapoos are excellent dogs for most people. They have fantastic temperaments, are low shedding, and are eager to please their owners.  The Cavapoo is a designer breed that crosses a King Charles Cavalier and a Miniature Poodle. Poodles are amazing little dogs that cross with many other breeds because they are nonshedding and hypoallergenic.  

We’ve put together a great list if you have been searching for Cavapoo puppies in Florida. Through our independent research, we’ve found several reputable Cavapoo breeders Florida that we wouldn’t consider puppy mills. After all, you want a healthy and happy Cavapoo that will live a long life.

We wish we could declare that our list did not include any potential puppy mills. However, the reality is that breeding methods are constantly evolving. Our pool is small because there aren’t many Cavapoo breeders Florida or locations to buy Cavapoo pups. If you choose one of the dubious vendors, we ask you to conduct an additional investigation because we don’t want to support puppy mills.

PuppySpot Cavapoos Florida

PuppySpot is ranked first on our list because there is no waiting list for a Cavapoo puppy in Florida, and all their breeders have undergone rigorous AKC screening. If you’ve gotten in touch with other Cavapoo breeders in Florida, you know there is a lengthy waiting list (sometimes exceeding a year). You can obtain your puppy faster with a “no puppy mill” assurance thanks to PuppySpot’s network of trustworthy, certified breeders. This helps you acquire a dog more quickly and stops scammers.

You can pick the Cavapoo puppy you want according to age, gender, size, and coat colour. The breeder will airlift your new puppy to you and personally deliver it if they are not in Florida. If you want your puppy as soon as possible and don’t want to waste time screening a lot of breeders, we strongly advise checking out PuppySpot. They are a well-known online marketplace that is upending the dog breeding business.

Premier Pups Cavapoos

The best Cavapoo puppy provider in the USA, Premier Pups enables you to adopt small breed pups from ethical breeders.

They distinguish themselves from the competition by emphasising the quality and welfare of the Cavapoos. You may be aware that a puppy’s emotional and physical health is influenced by the breeder and the environment in which it is raised.

You don’t have to worry about such things when you visit Premier Pups. By bringing the best puppies to market, cavapoo breeders Florida serve the needs of their customers.

Breeders of Cavapoos who are not up to par and USDA compliant are not tolerated. Their staff collaborates closely with the breeders by establishing long-lasting, deep relationships with the breeders. They have such a solid commitment to the well-being of their canines that a 10-year health guarantee will accompany all Cavapoo puppies for sale. No other breeder will provide this level of health assurance.

Additionally, they frequently check in with their Cavapoo breeders to ensure that the puppies and the techniques used to grow them are getting better. They ensure that the dogs and puppies are the breeders’ full attention and focus.

Wags To Riches Cavapoo’s Florida

It claims to be “the nation’s premier full-service pet shop” at this Cavapoo breeding facility. While some of us might be unsure of what that implies, it essentially meets all pet parents’ requirements. In addition to offering the community top-notch designer dog breeds like the Cavapoo, this location also has a grooming salon, a supply store, and a sweet little pet boutique with all the bells and whistles.

Wags to Riches is committed to assisting you in taking care of the Cavapoo puppy you purchase from them or any other breeder. The tiny and cute Cavapoo is one of the many designers and purebred dogs they have at their boutique. Just keep in mind that they provide a wide variety of breeds.

On their website, they do currently have one female Cavapoo available for adoption. They don’t disclose their price or whether a deposit is required. You will need to get in touch with them. However, they state that they will mail the animal to you if you don’t live in the area and can’t drive to pick up the Cavapoo puppy in Florida.

All we can do is believe them when they say that the Cavapoo puppies in Florida are not from puppy mills. Make sure to ask lots of questions before purchasing if you don’t want a puppy from a dubious source.

Lancaster Puppies FL

In essence, Lancaster Puppies is an online pet store that offers Cavapoo puppies for sale in Florida. If you don’t live close to the puppy you want, they will transport it almost anywhere. They have many different breeds of puppies. They frequently have Cavapoo puppies as well as other little doodle hybrids.

The most recent Cavapoo puppy sale has a $4999 price tag. Given that they have locations around the nation, it also functions similarly to search engines. The puppies we acquired from them were in Naples, Florida.

It is impossible to determine where exactly the Cavapoo puppies come from on the website. Due to the absence of cavapoo breeders Florida, we included them on the list. When it comes to getting a puppy from Lancaster Puppies, we would advise against it. You should enquire in-depth about the dog’s pedigree, generation, and genetic health testing.

You could even ask them directly if the puppies are from puppy mills. A feature permits cavapoo breeders Florida from other states to offer puppies for sale in Florida. Be prepared to ask your queries because we are unsure of their procedure for screening those breeders.

Sweet Manor Country Cavaliers Florida

Finding information on Sweet Mano Country Cavaliers was challenging. This Florida-based Cavapoo breeder appears to market and sell puppies exclusively on Facebook. Although a website was elusive, just because I couldn’t discover it doesn’t imply it isn’t there. Even a phone number for their Cavapoo pups in Florida was nowhere to be found.

Having said that, the Cavapoo dogs appear healthy, and the puppies appear well-cared for, based on what I could see on the Facebook page. They don’t appear to have many dogs in their home or litters that are being born. Make sure you do your research since, as we all know, what you see on social media is what they want you to see. Asking questions about this Cavapoo breeder is essential to ensuring you have a sense of the breeding operation.

This business appears to be a genuine hobby breeder. In Florida, only Cavapoo and King Charles Cavalier puppies are produced. This suggests to us that they are not a large-scale puppy mill. To be certain that they use moral breeding techniques, request a tour of the facility.

There are no details on prices or how to deposit on the Facebook page. We’re expecting you’d email or message the breeder to indicate interest and request further information. Additionally, they avoid discussing plans for shipment and transportation.

Florida Pups Cavapoos

The truth is that Cavapoos are sold in Florida by this internet pet store. Puppies are sourced from all across the country by this company. They are not the breeders of these puppies, and it’s possible they don’t even know where the Cavapoo puppies originated. Florida Pups has so many puppies that they’ve hired sales representatives who essentially push the puppies.

For approved buyers, they also provide financing for puppies. For puppies purchased from their store, they do provide a health guarantee, but be sure to read the details carefully. Visiting a vet right away after bringing the puppy home would also be a smart move to ensure their well-being.

Information about the health guarantee is available on their website in the warranty section. You may also make an offer if you don’t want to pay the whole cost for a Cavapoo puppy. Although you can always attempt it, they might not accept the offer.

Despite making our list, this company did so because it doesn’t have many cavapoo breeders Florida. Although we don’t necessarily advise it, this is a site where you may get a Cavapoo if you’re willing to take a chance and are able to ask questions.

It is difficult to visit the breeding facility or the Cavapoo puppy before you take them home with a breeding firm like this. That implies that you are unaware of the health or temperament of the puppy you select.

It costs between $2,800 and $4,800 to buy a Cavapoo puppy in Florida, and delivery can be arranged. They charge a pick-up fee to deter you from getting your puppy in person. They do this to profit from the puppy’s shipping expenses. In the website’s FAQ section, they make this point quite plain.

Conclusion for Cavapoo Breeders in Florida

Cavapoo puppies in Florida are becoming popular because they have a coat that doesn’t shed and is considered hypoallergenic. In addition, these dogs look like little teddy bears with an easy-going temperament. If you’re looking to add one of these dogs to your family, I highly suggest you pick one of the cavapoo breeders Florida listed above. However, always be sure to ask a lot of questions because many of the breeders on our list can act as puppy mills


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