Best Maltipoo Breeders in Indiana! (2022)

If you’re searching for the best Maltipoo breeders Indiana, then you probably know about its perfect temperament and high intelligence. Personality and adaptability are the top two things dog owners love about Maltipoos.

In general, Maltipoos are small dog breeds, and they come in three different sizes Teacup, toy, and mini sizes. We’ve done independent research to help you find Maltipoo puppies in Indiana. In general, we looked for breeders that care about their dogs, conduct health checks, and socialize them from an early age. However, breeding practices are constantly changing, so it’s best to reach out and find someone you can trust.

If you’re ready to take this Maltese-Poodle mix home, keep reading. You’ll find Maltipoo breeders Indiana and some good breeders from neighbouring states.

Maidson’s Platinum

Maidson’s Platinum is at the top of the list of Maltipoo breeders Indiana. A small hobby breeder in the Northwest is named Madison’s Platinum. She is committed to breeding healthy, high-quality Maltipoos and Malshihs. She gives her Maltipoo puppies a lot of love, attention, and socialization as they grow up. She has a relatively modest number of litres each year because of the size of her business. As a result, the wait time is lengthier and often lasts 6 to 8 months. It’s worth the wait, according to her previous reviews, according her customers.

According to Madison’s Platinum, the X-factors that make her Maltipoo breeding operations the finest are her knowledge, her love, and the exceptional care she provides. Based on the images on her website, Madison appears to keep the dogs in her home. The living room table and couch where the parents’ dogs are seen are indications that they spent time with Madison’s family. Madison seems to be quite caring and genuinely loves all of her Maltipoo puppies in Indiana, based on how she describes her parent’s pets. Of course, the best way to witness this is in person, which she actively encourages visitors to do.

Jackie’s Puppies of Indiana

Maltipoo and Cockapoo breeders. Jackie’s Puppies of Indiana are a small and specialised breed. Before pursuing Maltipoos, Jackie began her breeding career with Cockapoos because of their kind and charming nature. She boasts that she runs her breeding business out of her house and does not participate in a guardian programme. Jackie is doing this to ensure the Maltipoo puppies are constantly being watched. Like Madison, she has a minimal number of litter each year. However, the typical wait time is between four and six months.

Priced based on size, the breeder has Maltipoos for sale in Indiana. All other sizes are $2,950, while teacups are $3,450. The breeder offers a more extended training option if you want to train your Maltipoo. To housebreak the Maltipoo, the training includes routine, basic puppy commands, and crate training, among other things. She does not, however, commit to changing the current approach because the puppy’s training should already be in progress.

In addition to breeding, Jackie provides boarding and kennel services for $25 per day. The animal lives with Jackie and is cared for like a family member. Due to travel and holidays, many people appear to book these services during the summer. It is advised to make reservations if you intend to use the service.

Puppies by Design Maltipoo Puppies

The idea for Puppies by Design came from Connie and Sam Kaehr. The two were close by in Bluffton, where they were both born and raised. The couple was in the empty nest era after 30 years of marriage. There, the desire to produce and raise purebred and doodle mix puppies first emerged. Currently, the couple breeds Cavapoos, Maltipoos, Bichon poos, Schnoodles, and Protons. The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, the Poodle, and the Bichon Frise are some of their pure breeds.

Sam and Connie don’t specify how long they’ve been reproducing. However, they have a sizable crew supporting them in the daily running and managing of the company. One of their sons, Matt, is in charge of running the business along with a fun staff that includes groomers, puppy huggers, and heavy lifters, to name a few. All the adult dogs owned by the two breeders are registered with the AKC and have USDA certification. They care greatly about maintaining the animals’ excellent health, conformation, and temperament. Between 8 a.m. and 4:30 pm EST, Puppies by Design welcomes visitors to the farm and facility.

TomTom Puppy Indiana

Tom, a USDA-approved breeder Tom Puppy is located in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Their dogs adore spending the day at his gorgeous country house. He also keeps geese, doves, and pigeons on his property. Tom owns Great Danes, Malthitzus, Maltese, Pomeranians, German Shepherds, and Maltipoos. Both the AKC and APRI have registered the parent dogs.

The registration does come with the puppies for purebreds. The Maltipoo and doodle mixtures lack papers because the AKC does not recognise them as distinct breeds. Tom has Maltipoo puppies for sale, ranging in price from $2,200 to $2,950. Tom doesn’t say if he uses courier services or ships the puppies. You can learn more by visiting Dog Dude website.

MariMay Kennels Indiana

MariMay Kennels, Indiana, comes in last on the list of Maltipoo breeders Indiana. Over 30 years have passed since Mari May Kennels first opened. The kennel is known for breeding small-breed puppies with sweet dispositions. Only a few litters are produced annually as part of the kennel’s holistic and selective approach. Sophie, the founder of Mari May, is the owner of every dog, lives with them, and never places any of them with guardians. Because of the parent’s dogs’ strong genetics, good health, and demonstrated companionship, she chooses them.

She also raises Shihpoos and Schnoodles in addition to Maltipoos. According to the kennels, their puppies are born and raised as a family. The kennel is situated on the breeder’s property, so both adult dogs and puppies are aware of everything. Sophie welcomes prospective clients to visit.

On the website, the breeder doesn’t list the cost of a Maltipoo puppy, but you should plan to spend between $2,000 and $3,000 per dog. Toy Maltipoos may cost more but typically cost between $3,500 and $3,000. In Indiana, shipping costs between $600 and $900. Mari May also has a pet chapel. Anywhere in the world can access the chapel because it is virtual.

4 Facts About the Maltipoo Doodle Breed

Maltipoos are a great choice for both experienced and novice pet owners. They have an insatiable hunger for life and are intelligent and simple to train. Additionally, because they are a smaller doodle breed, you won’t need to give them as much exercise or a big yard. Additionally, Maltipoos are thought to be hypoallergenic and nonshedding. Five details regarding Maltipoo puppies are as follows:

  • Maltipoos want to be active, even if it means running riot over your entire home. They won’t need as much activity as a Labradoodle or a Goldendoodle, though.
  • These fluff balls, speaking of dwellings, can adapt to any setting. Your Maltipoo will blend in no matter where you live—high-rise apartments, flats, bungalows, or anything else!
  • Maltipoos thrive indoors and enjoy spending time with their human families. They experience separation anxiety if they are left alone for extended periods.
  • Maltipoos will bark and let you know if something is off.

Conclusion For The “Best Maltipoo Breeders Indiana”

Dog Dude

Puppies from the Maltipoo breed are worth more than gold. To avoid disappointment down the road, double-check and do your homework before buying a Maltipoo puppy. One of the questions you should ask a Maltipoo breeder is about their health plan. Find out if they blood test their adults, faecal test their puppies, or even worm them. In addition to giving the dogs a secure and sanitary space to spend their days, the ideal Maltipoo breeder will carry out all these tasks.


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