German Shepherd Breeders In Pennsylvania (PA)

Always review the German shepherd breeder’s health records and check for genetic illnesses to ensure they focus on the breed’s best qualities.

Finding a trustworthy breeder by doing homework could lead you to a lovely dog. Here is a list of german shepherd breeders in pa we’ve put together for you in light of that.

PuppySpot’s German Shepherds For Pennsylvania

PuppySpot can be the best choice if you’re looking for german shepherd breeders in pa. PuppySpot is a trustworthy website with available German Shepherd puppies for sale and other breeds that can be delivered to your Pennsylvania residence.

There is little to worry about because all German Shepherd breeders on PuppySpot have undergone rigorous screening. You can contact any of the german shepherd breeders in pa by clicking the link below.

Vom Schaetzle Haus

If you live close to the Elizabeth Town, Pennsylvania area, Vom Schaetzle Haus, one of the most excellent breeders in Pennsylvania, is worth a visit.

For you, they want to breed the best long-coated German shepherds in black and red. They also like raising, training, showing off, and learning about the pedigrees and lineages of their German Shepherds.

Additionally, their website has focused on breeding healthy, long-haired, black German Shepherds with beautiful temperaments. All of their dogs have distinguished pedigrees and a long line of predecessors.

Their elbows and hips have been verified, and their general health has been examined. If you reside close to Elizabeth Town, you have the chance to visit their kennel and see their adorable dogs because they invite guests on Saturdays by appointment only.

Watchman German Shepherds

The puppies from Watchman are descendants of carefully bred canines with unique qualities that span multiple generations. The best traits of the breed, including temperament, intelligence, and general health, are always bred into their puppies. These traits are passed on to all of their puppies by their parents.

Watchman German Shepherds is another on the list because they are a reputable breeder of purebred black and red German Shepherd puppies. They exclusively produce puppies from parents who have received the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals’ certification that they are free of hip and elbow dysplasia.

Their puppies are raised by German Shepherd Dogs of the World Class. Each puppy is delivered with a first doctor’s visit, signed health guarantee good for two years, and the initial shot and deworming.

Puppies that belong to the American Kennel Club are registered (AKC). In addition to providing housebreaking and socialization advice, Watchman German Shepherds sells German Shepherd puppies with a three-generation pedigree from the American Kennel Club.

Bergerhaus Long Coat German Shepherds

This modest hobby breeder of West Showline German Shepherds produces only a few litters yearly. 

They strive to give you the best German Shepherd, and their dogs will bring joy and happiness to your home. They are experts in Deep Mahogany Black and Red Long Coat German Shepherds of European descent and imported from Germany.

Their canines have DNA tests, Pink SV papers, and AKC registration. They are kind, intelligent, teachable, obedient, and guardianship. Visitors are invited to stop by and meet the family and GSDs.

Their goal is to produce superior German Shepherds who combine family protection with kindness, remarkable character, and magnificent black and deep red coats. The process they use and the timetable for when puppies will be ready are transparent and honest.

All the details regarding their canines posted online may be verified using documentation. They never stage or edit their photos in any manner to give the impression that their German Shepherd is superior to them.

Capriole Farm German Shepherds

The location of this breeder is on a stunning piece of land close to Warfordsburg, Pennsylvania. Dogs are one of their favourite creatures; they have loved and respected them all their lives.

They have become experts in gorgeous German Shepherds with red and black markings, excellent conformation, and friendly personalities. Their goal is for their dogs to have loyal, attractive personalities that embody the most significant traits of the German Shepherd, such as confidence, loyalty, and dependability.

To achieve this, only the best canines from the best lineages are used in breeding. They all have hip and elbow certification, and their canines have prestigious names like Sieger VA.

The owner has extensive experience caring for animals and keeping them healthy because they are a vet technician. Additionally, they have a profound understanding of dogs and puppies, which helps them as breeders and dog owners succeed.

Their extensive knowledge of dog training is also helpful when educating their dogs and their litter on how to behave properly as residents of other countries. If you’re looking for german shepherd breeders in pa, specifically in the Warfordsburg region, check out the website.

Arcturus German Shepherds

For more than 30 years, Arcturus German Shepherds has been breeding German Shepherds with a mix of German and American genetics. Their German Shepherds are outstanding in terms of temperament, well-being, intelligence, calmness, and adaptability. According to Arcturus German Shepherds, a cross between two breeds yields the most satisfactory results.

Since Arcturus German Shepherds never breed puppies at risk for Degenerative Myelopathy and all of their breeding stock is OFA-certified for hips and elbows, you may be sure that your puppy from them has been raised for a healthy life. They also value the breed’s affection, intelligence, and honesty and work to maintain them all through breeding.

Edgewood German Shepherds

In Ashville, Pennsylvania, there is a place called Edgewood German Shepherds. It is a breeder of German Shepherds. You can get high-quality German Shepherd puppies from renowned German VA lines from them.

Since they are not kennel dogs, these German Shepherds raise their puppies at home, ensuring they receive full socialization throughout their first few weeks of life. Edgewood German Shepherds are entirely aware of how important it is to expand your family by bringing home a new puppy.

They put a lot of effort into finding each family seeking a perfect puppy. Additionally, they put a lot of effort into raising the healthiest puppies possible by using parents from some of the most well-known German Shepherd breeds that have undergone health screenings.

As you are aware, the temperament of a new family pet is always significant. Therefore, it is also crucial that their puppy has a loving and respectful nature.

By purchasing top-notch dogs from some of the best kennels in the world, they also contribute to the breed’s development. Additionally, each of their dogs has a thorough physical assessment.

Capriole Farm german shepherd breeders in pa

They sell German Shepherd puppies and are a breeder of the breed. Their imported and home-bred World Sieger West German bloodlines produce purebred German Shepherd puppies marketed with AKC registration.

They produce appealing black and red puppies that are outstanding family dogs, companions, service, and protection dogs because of their great temperaments and training abilities. Additionally, a two-year health guarantee is provided for these German Shepherd puppies.

All of their breeding dogs have undergone DM testing, and all of their breeding dogs have hips and elbows that have been certified by the SV in Germany or the OFA in the United States as Excellent, Good, or Normal for the elbows.

Their family loves and cares for their German Shepherd puppies. Being bred for great character, a pleasant temperament, beauty, and adaptability, the parents are on the property.

They are a small German Shepherd breeder, which enables them to devote the time and affection necessary for each of their dogs and puppies to receive the right socialization. Your satisfaction with your new German Shepherd puppy is our first priority at Capriole Farm German Shepherds.

Lindel Shepherds

“Lindel Shepherds” is the last german shepherd breeders in pa. They care about German Shepherds’ well-being and meeting our rigid temperament standards.

Before being allowed into their breeding program, all dogs are examined for hip and elbow dysplasia and approved by the OFA Orthopedic Foundation for Animals. The DNA of the parents is also checked for Degenerative Myelopathy or DM.

They are determined to have all DM Clear parents, at least one of them. And many of their matings result in DM Clear parents for both parents. Every litter they produce is carefully planned and prepared to maximize the chance of producing sound, healthy, and enduring pals.


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