Best Maltipoo Breeders Southern California

The next step is to decide whether a Maltipoo is a breed you want to add to your household after conducting extensive study and coming to that conclusion. The next step is finding a trustworthy breeder to buy your Maltipoo puppy. Since there are so many different Maltipoo breeders Southern California and so many puppy frauds, it’s not as simple as it sounds.

Due to the high cost of Maltipoos as designer dogs, many unethical breeders are only interested in making a quick profit. Our initial study discovered multiple backyard breeders and puppy mills breeding Maltipoos Breeders Southern California.

After extensive investigation, we have identified the top five Maltipoo puppy breeders in California that cater to Californian households. These five breeders are among the five least likely to operate puppy mills.

They are arranged in ascending order. Based on the website and the variety of dog breeds they deal with, puppy mills range from least likely to most likely. With this post, we hope to educate readers about their alternatives and provide our frank opinions.

You’ll discover that listing the total cost of the Maltipoo puppies is not always customary. Only the deposit is disclosed in advance. That is due to the high cost of Maltipoo puppies. Depending on the breeder, a Maltipoo typically costs between $3000 and $6000. It is usual to get in touch with the breeder for a precise price.

This list of the top Maltipoo breeders Southern California is intended to assist you.

Premier Pups

Premier Puppies is one of the top Maltipoo breeders Southern California. They are renowned for providing one of the most enjoyable and engaging puppy adoption experiences.

As they have assisted numerous families around the nation in finding the Maltipoo puppy they had been searching for, they have solidified their reputation as one of the most reliable websites.

By a group of dog lovers in Ohio. Premier Pups have placed numerous puppies in loving homes around the US. Additionally, they frequently ship Maltipoo puppies to California.

To locate the ideal match, they hope to use the internet to connect individuals and breeders worldwide. This may be done through a pretty straightforward process on their website.

In the past, individuals used to enter a shelter feeling eager and anticipatory. Even though the procedure has become more technological recently, Premier Pups is dedicated to retaining the emotions you’ll have while meeting your new puppy.

PuppySpot Maltipoos

Due to their petite stature, hypoallergenic coat, and no-shedding characteristics, Maltipoos are swiftly rising to the top of the list of preferred doodle dog breeds. In California, finding a Maltipoo puppy for your family can be difficult. It takes a lot of patience to bring a Maltipoo puppy into your home because you have to fill out an application, get on the waiting list, and wait for a breeder to contact you.

PuppySpot is a fantastic resource for accelerating the Maltipoo puppy-purchasing process. PuppySpot is a trusted online marketplace that helps families and dog breeders find the ideal canine companion. You’re in luck if you’re looking for specific Maltipoo features because PuppySpot lets consumers select certain features. You can find many dogs that are compatible with you by using a filter and entering the information about your Maltipoo. Age, generation, and even coat colour options for your Maltipoo.

Many dog breeds are comparable to the Maltipoo if you’re still unsure about the best choice. As a PuppySpot user, you’ll save much time on applications and waiting for your Maltipoo. They thoroughly investigate and speak with reputable breeders to be confident you are obtaining a healthy and happy puppy. If you don’t want to wait for more than a year on a waitlist, we highly recommend them. If necessary, they will even ship your Maltipoo Breeders Southern California.

Maltipoo Red in California

Only Maltipoos are bred at the family-run Maltipoo Red facility in Encino. They have puppies only a few times a year because they are a modest enterprise. You will receive a copy of a purchase agreement if you purchase a puppy from this breeder.

Everything you need to know and what’s included with the Maltipoo puppy is outlined in this agreement. From the date of the purchase, they provide a 12-month health guarantee. The contract also specifies what the owner must do in the event of a health problem.

Since they provide a 48-hour guarantee for parvo and distemper, the puppy must also be examined by a veterinarian within 48 hours after being brought home. The puppies receive their initial shots and deworming treatments from Maltipoo Red.

To learn the actual cost of the puppies, you must speak with the breeder. They do inform you that a $500 deposit is required upon approval. Five days before pick-up or delivery, the remaining payment is required.

They assert having all red puppies, a desirable hue in the Maltipoo community. Although all the puppies will likely be red and weigh no more than eight pounds, they make no guarantees, they clearly state. Sometimes the entire litter of puppies will be lighter in colour.

Mystic Creek Maltipoo Puppies

In addition to breeding Maltipoos, Mystic Creek Puppies also breeds Maltese dogs. We learned from the website that although they are not indeed based in California, they frequently sell puppies to families in that state. On their website, they do provide material that is targeted at families in California.

Because they exclusively produce two breeds of dogs, provide health guarantees, and provide adequate contact information, this breeder is ranked number two on our list. They appear to be a reputable Maltipoo breeder and will cooperate with households to deliver the puppy. Most Maltipoo puppies are the first generation, meaning they have a Maltese and a Poodle as one of their parents.

There are also some second-generation puppies available, but you’ll need to get in touch with the breeder to learn more.

Interested families are urged to get in touch with them for additional details. The webpage mentions the deposit amount but not the whole cost of the puppies. Following the approval of your application, you will be required to pay $500 to secure your seat or choose your puppy. Before the puppy is brought home, the balance of the fees is payable.

Judy’s Maltipoo Puppies in California

Although Judy’s Puppies is a breeder in Northern California, they produce a variety of little dog breeds and appear trustworthy. They raise Shih Tzus, Maltese, Morkies, Shi-poos, and Shorkies in addition to breeding Maltipoos. According to their website, the breeding adults and puppies are raised kennel-free at their house.

Usually, you may spot a puppy mill when a breeder has several different breeds of animals on the premises. However, perusing the website, it does not seem like they are a puppy mill. Do your research, and speak with the breeder if you have any questions. They have nothing to conceal if they are open and honest about it. If you receive ambiguous or no responses, be on the lookout.

This guarantees that the Maltipoo puppies are socialized well and will probably adapt to a family successfully. All puppies leave the facility with a health guarantee, initial vaccinations, a deworming, and some essential potty training instructions.

iHeart Teacups Maltipoos

There are several different luxury teacup breeds available from this large breeding company. Although this is typically a sign of a puppy factory, they provide a health guarantee. If you are interested in a particular puppy or have already put a deposit down on one, you may also schedule an appointment to go see the puppies.

The pricing for each dog is disclosed on the website. This is not a breeder where one price fits all. Almost single Maltipoo puppy has distinct pricing depending on gender and colour. On their website, the cheapest Maltipoo costs $5500. Depending on the puppy’s cost, the deposit varies from $500 to $3000.

The breeder expressly states that there are no discounts available. Don’t inquire if your budget is $500 because their website has no pups in that price range either. As more litters are born, and the puppies are claimed, the webpage is updated often. Almost always, puppies are available.

Rainbow Sugarbabies (Princess Pet) Maltipoos

This Maltipoo breeder in California has been making teacup doodle hybrids for almost 20 years. On the website, there is a contact form as well as their phone number. If they miss the email or call, they promise to call you back.

Princess Pet offers lifetime support for any queries or worries you may have about the puppy when you purchase one from them. They also provide first vaccinations, deworming, and a health guarantee.

The fact that there are so many photos of individuals holding puppies, but so few of the parents or the puppies themselves raised a warning signal for us. The available puppies are listed on the first page, but they are being held. The family, the breeding stock, and the location where the puppies remain before going home are also not discussed in great detail.

Before you are authorized to receive a puppy, they demand that you complete a thorough application. There will be a deposit due when your application is approved. Unless otherwise stated, the deposit is $2500 for all puppies.

Conclusion for the Best Maltipoo Breeders Southern California

Maltipoo puppies are very well-liked, particularly in California. Waiting periods of 3 to 9 months are not unusual for these adorable hypoallergenic, nonshedding puppies. We sincerely hope that you find our list helpful if you’re seeking one of the top Maltipoo breeders Southern California. To ensure that the breeders are not part of a puppy mill or a backyard breeding operation, please conduct your own research and ask for information about them.


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